Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Joy of Things: Bognor Regis Charity Shops.

I don't offen visit the 'national' charity shops nowadays.
Having worked for one of the larger national charities I had plenty of time to become disillusioned with the way they did business.
This shouldn't be seen in any way as cutting my nose off to spite my face or residual bitterness toward an uncaring employer.
Quite honestly since the major charities began "competing with the highstreet brands" and "profile awareness development" they've become very bland and throw out most of the interesting items that get donated to them.
That's why I spend so much time checking their bins.

The interesting charity shops are the locally based enterprises.
The sure fire test of an interesting charity is the way the shop smells.
The closer to unwashed armpit odor they get the more interesting stock they seem to have.

Here are my top four Bognor Regis Charity Shops:
Cat & Rabbit Rescue Charity Shop
Cat & Rabbit Rescue
RFR Charity Shop
RFR Charity
4Sight Charity Shop
Alexander Theater Charity Shop
Alexander Theater Charity Shop
To be fair, the only one that really smells of armpits is the RFR, but its by far the most interesting of the bunch.


Le Sanglier said...

We call them Thrift Stores here. We have several in our river valley. It is a lot of fun to browse around in them. In particular, I like to look for scarves, tiny fragile containers of any sort, and tap shoes. There is a particular odor attached to these stores, it is true. It is some mustiness associated with massive quantities of used clothing. I would not have described it as armpit odor, though. Maybe Bognorian armpits smell different than Vermontian armpits.