Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Create A New Identity...

If you take the initial of your first name, find it on the first list below and write down the word you find there. Then go to the second list and repeat the same exercise for your second name and again with your last name from the last list. You should have a new name to call yourself by...
(I am unable to offer advice to anyone with more or less than three names. You must use your own judgement on how to proceed.)

A=Wandering; B=Crusted; C=Excitable; D=Oily; E=Enormous; F=Shouting; G=Twisted; H=Beige; I=Deluded; J=Anxious; K=Ungainly; L=Fetted; M=Scared; N=Wooden; O=Numb; P=Comatose; Q=Scalded; R=Bonkers; S=Myopic; T=Huge; U=Dead; V=Whelk; W=Bold; X=Wobbly; Y=Washer; Z=Bloody

A=Sticks; B=Lupin; C=Stumps; D=Wiggles; E=Beetle; F=Peach; G=Bongos; H=Eye; I=Flapper; J=Digger; K=Lump; L=Mumps; M=Fang; N=Sock; O=Mopper; P=Neck; Q=Rage; R=Twig; S=Gums; T=Nipper; U=Brow; V=Cheese; W=Salt; X=Arm; Y=Plums; Z=Fumes

A=Ronson; B=Morgan; C=Wilson; D=Dixon; E=Goldblum; F=Bennett; G=Jonas; H=Relph; I=Miggins; J=Webb; K=Scott; L=Pollock; M=Lister; N=Taylor; O=McQueen; P=Hopwood; Q=Hunt; R=Jesmond; S=Darnell; T=Fisher; U=Grey; V=Jenkins; W=Brayshaw; X=Thompson; Y=Green; Z=Buck

Friday, 16 February 2007

Snake Skin Rose...

During my night time forays in the the under belly of Old Bognor Town I found an old guitar in a skip.
I wrapped it in old sacking and scuttled back to my attic domicile.
I have spent many hours restoring the instrument to it's former glory.
I have enhanced it's appearance with snakeskin Fablon and rose transfers.
Now behold SnakeSkin Rose!