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Mission Accomplished: The Margate Shell Grotto.

I can't remember when the idea of visiting The Margate Shell Grotto entered my head, but it's been there quite a few years.


So, to Margate, the shell grotto, and the paper guide:

  • Discovered: 1835
  • Number of shells: 4.6 million
  • Length: 104ft
  • Date of construction: Unknown

The Grade I-listed Shell Grotto opened to the public in 1838 and has remained a privately-owned attraction since.

As yet, no documents that mention the Grotto and pre-date it's discovery have been found: no correspondence, no maps, nothing to date the construction of the Grotto beyond doubt.

So, for the time being, theories on the Grotto's origins are just that: theories, .

We do not know who made it, when or why.

A walk through:


I couldn't resist applying some spooky organ music to the film.

Margate's... certainly living through 'interesting' times.


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