Sunday 18 April 2021

Here I am now..

 In 2015 I was reminded that 35yrs had passed since the Neural Circus E.P. had been released..

As with many aspects from my past, I’m reluctant to revisit as that was then and this is now..

I arranged to meet up with Zulu Dalek, the other half of N.C., and have a reunion and all that sort of nonsense.. 

Problem being I didn’t actually own a synthesiser..

I’ve a vast range of formidable virtual synthesisers, but somehow it always feels like trying to manipulate a picture of an instrument in a fish tank.. Even the wide range of physical controllers available can’t compensate for the feeling of an inauthentic experience..

I employ the same principle of purchasing a suitable instrument I did when I bought my first synth, an E.D.P. Wasp, best bang for least buck..  This led me to the LittleBits product range’s Synth Kit.  A series of small circuits that connect to what amounts to very nearly a Korg MS 1..

N.C. did a reunion gig on a bar top in Harrogate, which was well received by those attending, but came to an abrupt halt when the bar man said enough was enough.. It was just like old times..

Time has passed, I now have a formidable collection of IRL synthesisers...

I’ve a small - but perfectly formed for my purposes - Modular Synth System.  I’ve gigged with it, most significantly at the Brighton Modular Festival, and Brighton Modular Sessions.. Although I enjoyed these events it’s difficult to really get into performing at my best when I’m having to patch on the fly with people watching..

I did one disaster gig in Littlehampton.. Take my advice and don’t attempt to use temperature sensitive instruments in an outdoor environment on a cold September evening. I’ll say no more..

I bought various small electronic instruments at the same time as building my own and the collection grew, but non of them were really what I’d describe as “performance” instruments. So another rethink was in order..

I’ve now added clones of two instruments I owned back in the pre-MIDI 1980’s, Behringer’s TD-3 & RD8 which are the Roland TB303 Bassline and TR808 Rhythm Composer respectively, and one I’d lusted after back then a Cyclone Analogic TT 78 clone of Roland’s CR78 Drum Machine.. Combined with the Moog Mother 32 I’ve at last assembled a rig I wouldn’t have any worries about taking out live..

This video is the system in full effect.. it bangs..

The Biffa Trip. Pt. 1 What’s Good..?

2017, I need to get some form of employment to stave off what is becoming a potentially worrying financial situation..

Since abandoning the vile world of commerce in the early 2K’s I’ve stuck to, what are considered by many, to be “menial” tasks.. “I’ll follow your rules, I’ll wear your uniform, now give me the money”.

More out of curiosity than expectation, I scan the local rag’s sits vac. 

Err, Bingo..!

ADC refuse contractors, Biffa Municipal are looking for someone to train & use a high pressure washing system that’s to be put to work on street-cleansing/graffiti removal. 

I’m attracted to this, but only so I could add “High Pressure Washer Operator” to my extensive list of the machines I’m trained on and certified to use in a professional manner..

I applied,  considering it practice for any other position I might apply for.. 

Err... In applying  I may have neglected to mention Multiple Sclerosis..  All subsequent applications were full and honest disclosures of my condition of course..

Out of 30 applications I get one bite.. the one I forgot to tell about my M.S.

I present myself for an interview I consider to be a practice session for future occasions. I’m relaxed, confident, and enjoying talking about myself and the extraordinary things I’ve done and achieved.  It felt like a “good” interview, but I didn’t expect anything out of it..

Later that day I receive the call... I didn’t get the job I applied for (pin in that for later), but would I consider joining the team as a Driver/Operator clearing fly-tipped rubbish and general street cleaning duties..?

I resort to my rule: “never say “no” to an offer if you’ve nothing better in prospect”

I say “yes..”

I attend an induction session and am introduced to fellow newbie, Thomas. He’s a friendly, Polish man mountain with a good handshake.. We fill in forms, we copy documents, we sign H&S documents.. The work we will be expected to do, with two VERY significant non-disclosures, is outlined. I do this all with a smile on my face and a heart crumbling at the deception I’ve involved myself in..

As the wheels set in motion, and the start date began to draw closer I became wracked with doubt about what I was getting into..  My meds included a generous helping of Tramadol and the occasional resort to a  “herbal remedy” which might prove complicated for me if it was discovered.. 

On my first day I drove to, what felt like, my doom I started to feel my struggles to improve my lot in life had come to me basically sweeping the streets.. As I drew closer to the depot I realised my position was completely untenable and I’d be compromising my deeply held belief  in honesty by lying, or at best being “economical with the truth..” to get the job..

It was a cold dark February morning.  Walking from the car I heard the first bars of the dawn chorus, knew that this was all a stupid joke.. I’d go in to the office, explain what the situation was, apologise for wasting their time, and walk away..

Into the yard.. a middle-management vehicle shot past me and parked in it’s allotted bay. The driver got out and, as is my usual habit at this time of day, I hailed him with a jaunty “GOOD MORNING..!”  

“WHAT’S FUCKIN’ GOOD ABOUT IT” came the reply..

In a red-mist moment my mind changed and I reported for my first day on the Biffa Trip..

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