Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trying To Do Something More Interesting.

I'm having a day off eBay.
Well, sort of.
I was alarmed by the toaster I intended listing on eBay when it began smoking and set off the smoke alarm last night.
I waited till Linda went off to work this morning, opened all the windows, plugged it in and had another go.
It smoked a bit more then began to behave itself.
I'd sprayed it with a stainless steel cleaner some time ago, although it's made from aluminium, and I think it was the residue of the spray that caused the smoking.
It did occur to me that the fumes may be toxic but I'm sure I've breathed worse things in my life.
Tomorrow I'll have a go at making toast with it.

That wasn't particularly interesting so I experimented with making a basic slide show with iMovie.

That wasn't interestingly interesting so I prepared a Hooting Yard pod-cast.
Now that was interesting but it won't get published till Thursday.

Then the interesting thing started to happen.
The first lot of my eBay sales can to an end today.
It went quite well.
Tomorrow will be full of interesting trips to the post office.