Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Serves Me Right For Trying.

Up early to pack the amps I received payment for and get them off to the Post Office.
A clever person would have done this when the item passed the reserve.
I was wrestling with bubble-warp, sticky tape, warping paper, a cardboard box and an amplifier when I felt that little 'tweak' in the bottom of my spine that's the prelude to a world of pain.
I'd 'popped' my back.

I began to work in a frenzy but only managed to pack the first amp before I could hardly move.
I then discovered, after rummaging through every draw and cupboard in the flat, there wasn't an ibuprofen tablet to be found.

Getting the boxed amp down the stairs from the flat was not fun and took me about an hour.
I it loaded my new 'G.T.'shopping trolly and headed off for the main Post Office in Bognor:

The journey usually takes me about 20 minutes.
Today it took me about an hour and a half.
There was more hilarity when I had to lift the package out of the trolly onto the scales in Post Office.

When Linda got home she went to her medicine box and gave me some of her tablets.
I didn't question her, I just took them.

I'd write more but a huge purple rhinoceros wants me to play a game of connect four.