Wednesday, 18 April 2012

eBay Sale: The End.

I trudged to the Post Office with the last of my eBay sales today.
In the rain.
I've come to the conclusion that eBay's far to much like hard work.
It's the packing-up that's the killer.
It takes me hours and hours and I'm rubbish at it.
For this last lot I painstakingly weighed everything, made the postage calculations  as accurately as I could and still lost money on the carriage charges.
Several items didn't sell, some surprised me, some didn't:

  • Brass Mask (surprised)
  • Lion Brass Plaque (surprised)
  • Two Brass Door Pull Handles (unsurprised)
  • Brass Nut Crackers In The Shape Of Ladies Legs (very surprised!)
  • Brass Sun God Figurine (neither surprised nor unsurprised)
  • Working Replica Davy Lamp (surprised)
  • Ornamental Oil Lamp (unsurprised)
  • Glass an Brass Tea-Light Holder (unsurprised)

I can't decide if I should re-list them or not.
I'll sleep on it.

As I left the Post Office the sun came out and weights lifted off my shoulders.
I've still got a long way to go before I finally get rid of all my surplus possessions but I think I'll try a car-boot sale next.
Typing that last line made me think 'recipe for disaster'.

After the Post Office visit I did my tour of the 'crap' charity shops.

  • Alexander Theatre  Charity Shop
  • FourSight Charity Shop
  • RAFA Charity Shop
  • Oxfam Super Saver Charity Shop

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my childhood ambition was to become a secret agent.
In Oxfam I bought an appropriate lunch box for 99p:
It says 'Secret Agent' on it.


Banished To A Pompous Land said...

OSM, am I the only person despairing of you? All that effort to get rid of the junk cluttering the place and and on the way home you tour the charity shops?

You are a junkie man, a JUNKIE!

Outa-Spaceman said...

Ahh, good point.
Just before I check the phone book for a help group, I'd like to say I was actually looking for a shirt but the lunch box got in the way.