Monday, 9 April 2012

eBay Campaign Day 7: Electrical

This eBay business is starting to feel like an uphill struggle.

Today I had intended to list the Smiths Selectric Mantle Clock I restored and the Vintage toaster I posted about recently.
I was preparing to make a short video, in my own inimitable style, featuring me making toast with the toaster.
During the 'rehearsal' I plugged the toaster in and switched on.
The pall of smoke the toaster produced set the smoke detector off.
My feeling is that the fluid I used to clean the toaster was the cause of the excessive smoking but I'm going to wait till tomorrow to investigate further and test all the wiring.

I looked at the mantle clock.
Now, I know how to set it in motion but describing how this is achieved to anyone else has defeated my limited powers of description so I decided not to put it up for sale.

This left me with four items to sell:

Vintage/Retro Electric Light Switch:
eBay sale listing

JHS Headset Microphone:

eBay sale listing

Stylophone Electronic Organ:
eBay sale listing

Stylophone Beat Box:
eBay sale listing

I think I'm going to give this lark a rest for a couple of days and do something more interesting instead.


Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Still have my jumble sale Stylophone. If you listen to that Certain Ants track on SoundCloud thats where the broken 'tune' comes from at the start. Of course it was wet at the time which is the secret of the tonebend. I discovered this accidentally while playing it down a cave in Cumbria.

Outa-Spaceman said...

Now I'm a confirmed 'pod' person I have a virtual 'stylophone' which is hilarious.
Even more hilarity can be found in the Toy Piano and Melodica I have in the pod.
I've just installed 'Figure'.
The jury's still out on it's hilarity level at the moment.

(non of the above come close to the amount of hilarity to be found in even the most basic uke.)