Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Relic (OSM Ind. Product Ref: 0009)

This object was the product of a long, and mostly accidental, process.
I'd originally intended making a "One-Eyed Yellow Idol"  (well, more like a golden idol with a green LED eye) mentioned in The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God.
I'd spent about 3 days bashing J. Milton Hayes' dramatic monologue into my memory and thought I'd have a go at making an illustrative diorama to celebrate.
I filled a plastic protective bubble, that had originally covered an artist's posable wooden mannequin, with plaster, sprayed it gold, drilled a hole to hold the LED, decided it wasn't really what I'd seen in my imagination and discarded it on a wall in the garden.
For about a year the rain rained like rain on it, the sun shone on it and the wind blew on it.
It, somehow, migrated from the top of the wall into a flower bed and ended up getting buried.

Some time passed.

I was preparing the flower bed for planting when I began to dig up pieces of dimpled broken plaster.
I collected all the surviving pieces, cleaned, re-assembled, mounted them and ended up with this:
The Relic (OSM Ind. Prod Ref: 0009)
It's still one of my favourite pieces and, one day, I might get round to fitting the green LED in it.