Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Minion Hood (OSM Ind. Product Ref: 0002)

As all megalomaniacs with ambitions of world domination know, minions are a absolute necessity if you hope to get anything done.
That doesn't mean you want to look at them as this might engender feelings of compassion or even sympathy.
This handy hessian hood, c/w individual identification number, is the perfect way of depersonalising the loathsome little creatures.
(Also available in children's sizes). 
Minion Hood (OSM Ind. Product Ref: 0002)
N.B. the OSM Minion Hood is NOT available in either rubber or leather.
(You disgusting pervert!)


saradwyn3 said...

how 'bout a nice floral print? Or corduroy, so you can hear the little rotters sneaking up on ya?