Thursday, 19 April 2012

If In Doubt Announce The OSM Ind. Product Retrospective. (Updated)

It's all very well rattling on about all the things I'm selling but, it does occur to me that I should maybe take stock of the items I intend keeping.
To that end I'm going to catalogue all the (surviving) creations I've made.

Over the next few days, couple of weeks maybe, all posts will be devoted to an item by item exhibition of the unique products produced by the mutant lizard slave workers of OSM Industries.

Stand by for brains in jars, smiling cats in temples of bones, cardboard clocks and parp-o-phones.

Excuse me, I have a lot of polishing to do.


Having gone through the potential exhibits for my catalogue I find I was maybe just a little rash in saying all posts over the next few days, or weeks, would be related to the retrospective.
Turns out that plan might take up to 6 weeks and I do intend doing other things that might need logging during that period.