Friday, 6 April 2012

Let's Play Recording Studios.

After many experiments with different set-ups I've finally settled on a audio recording environment that works for me.
When I used primarily electric or electronic instruments the room wasn't really that important and, at a pinch, I could usually get away with doing the initial recordings using headphones as a monitor but, since moving over to acoustic instruments I've had to develop a different approach.

My "back-room" studio now looks like this:
The monitors are positioned at the same height as my ears.
Behind me, out of shot, two heavy blankets are draped over the dolly-maid airer to kill any standing waves.

The microphone is positioned between the open wardrobe doors and a blanket is then clipped into place to damp reflections:
The curtains on the window are drawn shut to further damp the room.

The only reason I've posted these details is because I'd forget them if I didn't.