Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plasma Ball c/w PSU (OSM Product Ref: 0007)

Once again manufactured from items re-claimed from charity shop bins, this construction was my first attempt at a 'cast-iron' paint effect (which fooled several people, until they picked it up).
It's a combination of two separate builds, the re-housed plasma ball and the power supply unit, which I finally joined together about a year ago:
Plasma Ball c/w PSU (OSM Prod Ref: 0007)
Of absolutely no practical use what so ever of course, but I enjoy watching people's reaction to it, fear usually.

Here's a little movie of it in operation:


Oldfool said...

Use? of course it has a use. It would be a perfect exerciser of eyeballs for the living head you keep in the fishbowl.