Friday, 25 March 2011

Post Card Kerfuffles.

When I showed Linda my re-imagined Greetings From Bognor Regis postcard,
(Linda has some very vibrant 'views' on Bognor Regis) she asked where my 'Greetings From (Expletive deleted) Felpham' might be.
I immediately dashed out into the twilight with the list, compiled by Linda, of places I should photograph.

upload, edit, composite, save and:
Linda doesn't like it.
I explain that it only looks gloomy because of the lighting and not because Felpham truly is akin to a sinister grave-yard.

Today I waited for the sun to get to the, for most of the sites, right place.
I used one effect on the way out and another effect on the way back.
On the way out:
And on the way back:
Awaiting Linda's verdict.


Anonymous said...

They may come on as friendly and welcoming, but talking places really give me the creeps.