Friday, 18 March 2011

I'll See You In My Dreams. (Kahn/Jones arr. J. Brown) Performed on the Baritone Ukulele by O.S.M. B:53

This is probably the most difficult song I've ever tried to cram into my brain.
I suspect I've forgotten at least six other songs to make way for it.
Since Joe Brown (God-man) performed it at The Concert for George in 2002, if the amount of versions on YouTube are anything to go by, it's become one of the tunes any uke player should have in their rep.
I've been practicing the song for about five days now and Linda is threatening to murder me if I play it again when she's in the room.
Can't please everyone I guess.
I still have some work to do on it before it becomes 'natural' me thinks.
I'll play it at the folk club tonight then give it a rest for a while and hope the 'latent -learning' thing kicks in.
Here's a link to an original version:
I'll See You In My Dreams (Jones 1924)

On reading the Wiki entry for Joe Brown I note, with some amusement, that his first band, a skiffle combo, was called 'The Spacemen'.
Everything's connected I tell you, everything.


Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

My sense of orientation is suddenly restored: OSM is right-handed!
Those trial spectacles are a valuable piece of optical equipment. Undoubtedly, they assist with dreaming in colour, but the green lenses won't match the red nose that I acquired for you this morning.

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

A red nose you say...
I feel the mother of all rants coming on so
I'm going to step away from the computer now.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Please don't blame me.
It was entirely parkingspaceman's idea!

Angela said...

Wonder where he'll get sent in free association time then....

Elizabeth said...

I think the goggles should become your trademark. They're a marvellous thing.