Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Back Room Pt: 03

Thanks to Black & Decker sanding is no longer the mind-numbingly tedious pursuit it used to be.
All the skirting board is now lovely and smooth awaiting the application of paint.
Before that I have to deal with my least favourite decorating job.
Painting the ceiling.

The saying 'a bad workman blames his tools' maybe true but I think it entirely justifiable to blame cheap paint brushes for a poor finish, the collapse of western society and the death of Rasputin.
Linda (not me you understand) bought a pack of paint brushes a while ago 'they were only 99p'.
Do not buy paint brushes that cost 99p!
Buy paint brushes that cost £5 each and look after them.
Application, finish and cleaning are much better and easier with a good brush.
I couldn't find my good brushes and started off with the 99p jobs.
10 minutes later I when off and turned the house upside down until I'd found my good brushes and promised them I'd never to lose them again.

Three applications of satin white emulsion and the cornice looks white again.
Now the difficult bit.
I don't like painting ceilings, I don't like painting ceilings and I especially do not like painting Artexed ceilings with a roller.
Half an hour later and the job is done for at least another four years or, until it dries and the bits I've missed reveal themselves.
The next thrilling instalment involves electricity and, possibly, the smell of burning flesh (mine).