Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our New Kitchen: Stages 06 & 07 (Complete)

Stage 06:
Doors hung, big shiny pipe complete, cooker-hood working and washing up done.
Linda tested the new cooker-hood by activating extraction strength 03 (max) then sticking her head under it to see if it would suck her hair up.

Stage 07:
The laminate ends have been fitted to the worktop and all the plaster work is done.
Linda has cooked a pheasant, a pie, some of her own design oven chips, Chicken Kiev and spag bol in the new facility.
We have decided to step-back from the build now to find out how the kitchen 'works'.
By this I mean where should the plates be stored?
Should the pans be left out on the top close to the cooker?
What items should be put in the draw?

We still have to get a new fridge, which will slot in under the right hand side worktop, and decide on what vinyl flooring we're going to have.

Next week we get the paint brushes out.


Angela said...

Looks amazing! I've just flicked back for an immediate before and after. Very impressed...happy cooking!