Monday, 28 March 2011

The Back Room Pt:01

So while I wait for Linda to find out what else needs doing to the kitchen I'm going to start re-imagining the back-room.
The room is north facing therefore no natural light, has one double electrical outlet socket near the door, scruffy floorboards and measures (L) 12 ft x (W) 7 ft x (H) 8 ft.
All the walls are all supporting walls.

From the doorway it looks like this:
I've moved out everything I possibly could leaving only a desk and the freezer.
We had to have the ceiling repaired a few years ago after a combination of a missing slate and several gallons of rainwater brought a good proportion of it down.  The repair included coving and a heavy coat of Artex which is a bugger to paint but fortunately that's all it needs.
I'm going to leave my light-fitting up as it's amusingly dangerous and the cobwebs only improve the look of it.

The walls are all sound but show the scars of various holes that have been filled but never sanded to a smooth finish and all the holes left after I'd removed all the fittings.
Several of the holes
Job number one, fill up all the holes and sand down to a flat surface.

On moving the freezer out of it's corner I discovered that the skirting board behind it is rotten. I detected the tell-tale smell of old cat's pee.
This corner was where the cat's litter tray used to live and I think they'ed been missing the target area for several years.
I'm not going to chop the affected areas out I'm just going to clean them up as well as I possibly can and fill them (because I can cut a corner with as much skill as the next man).


Anonymous said...

Just spotted a patch of light reflecting in from window on the wall...If you'd like a mirror; not pretty, a bit foxed with some mirroring gone, 1.25 x .85, there's one going begging at my place. It's time of glory was as the hairdressing salon mirror in the sixties (possibly earlier) in the French village house we did up. Glass is .5cm thick, so quite heavy. It is not framed. It's been sitting behind a cupboard for years.


Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

Thanks for the offer!
You've, sort of raced ahead of me.
I have a really big mirror ready to hang in that patch of light but it doesn't sound half as attractive as the one you describe.

We must have speaks.