Saturday, 31 March 2012

Putting Things in Tins & Boxes.

The final stages of my 'sell everything' project had me sorting things into tins and boxes today.
I bought the tin, in the bottom left of the picture above, from eBay some years ago.
It was described as 'an old tin full of things'.
Over the years I've taken things out of the tin and I've put other things back in the tin and now I'm going to sell it on in the hope that someone will do the same.

I've sorted my collection of unused brass & copper bits and bobs that may have ended up in one of my constructions one day into separate containers.

The silver tin in the middle is full of old iPods, associated connectors, F.M. transmitters, chargers and docks.

The last tin in the bottom row contains various lighting fittings and the round tin above it is best described as being full of 'misc'.
I'll be keeping the 'misc' tin as I feel that's got the most potential for firing my imagination in the future.

Tomorrow the great listing begins.


saradwyn3 said...

a treasure trove!