Wednesday, 28 March 2012

BeHeld: Live at the RAFA Club Bognor Regis 27/03/12

BeHeld attend the open music session at the RAFA Club in Bognor Regis, which tends to be a quiet little event run on the last Tuesday of every month, to try new songs and find out if they 'work' live.
Last night we planned to play:

  1. 'It Must Be True' to find out if the sitar was a viable option in a live setting.
  2. 'Rachel Weeping' GOW's new song that we'd never performed live before.
  3. 'Lost Prophet' as we've just added it to the set and want to 'refine' it.

On arriving at the club last night, fashionably late as ever, we found the place packed out.
The usual set up is we do two songs in the first half and another in the second spot which would've worked to our advantage last night as the songs involve various combinations of guitars, sitar, baritone uke, mandolin, banjo, and a violin.
All in all more strings to tune than a small symphony orchestra.
But not tonight, we were asked do all three songs in one go.
We waited for our allotted spot (the last one) and did this:

BeHeld wish to shower gratitude and lovely things on Mr. John Gradwell, who runs  the session, and Mr. Berry Greene who had the nous, and equipment, to capture what was probably BeHeld's best performance to date.
Also thanks to Mr. Harry who joined us on the double bass for 'Lost Prophet'.

That went well and nobody had to die.