Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Cycle-Motor Project: (enough already!) Epilogue.

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising...
I pedalled the Cycle-Motor out to the cycle-track between Felpham and Barnham.
Riding this bike 'unassisted' is like stirring porridge with y'legs.
Or at least it was until I adjusted the clutch so it disengaged fully.

The bike starts after about two pedal revolutions so long as it gets a bit of momentum up first.
I'm not giving it full throttle as it's still running in but, even at half throttle, it has quite a turn of speed and an alarming high frequency vibration that gives the sensation of having knocked one's 'funny' bone.

I made this little film:
I buzzed up and down the track, avoiding the dog walkers and their dogs and what the dogs left behind (I blame the owners, not the dogs).
I stopped to have a chat with a bloke who seemed very impressed with the bike.
Buzzed up and down a bit more then decided to return home.

I noticed the right-hand pedal was fouling the engine casing and assumed the mounting must have slipped.
I was wrong.
One of the rear engine mounts I'd fabricated from mild-steel treaded studding had snapped but, as my progress hadn't been impeded, I continued on my way until the other mounting snapped under the strain.

I had a feeling the rear mounting was going to be the weak-spot.
My plan now, or for the future, is to make a proper engine mounting from a block of aluminium I have and get some hardened steel mounting bolts.
It won't be happening anytime soon.

O.K. I won this one but, a bit like a football match that's won by the other team scoring an own goal, not well.
I'm so tempted to remove the engine altogether and just enjoy riding the bicycle.

As I pushed the Cycle-Motor the last mile home I heard a buzzing above me.
A motor assisted para-glider passed over my head.

Now if I......


Vince said...

Tis' looking and sounding fab, OSM!

It's funny you should mention buzzing sounds from above. We were sitting on the beach at St Leonards on Wednesday evening, watching the seagulls mug passers-by for their chips, when we heard a buzzing sound coming from above us...