Friday, 9 November 2012

Three Heavy Old Whacks And The Pedal Goes To The Metal.

Last night I did a 9 hr. Modern Cloak-Room Attendant shift and I was on FIRE!
Every now and then I would see myself disappearing around a corner up ahead.
I looked like this:
The Modern Cloak Room Attendant

During the ride over to work the sight in my left eye deteriorated to the point where it was almost impossible to see out of it.
Then it came back.
Then it went away again.
Then it came back.
Y'get the picture.

I got home at around 02:00 a.m. still on fire from the bicycle ride.
I haven't actually slept so much as closed my eyes and drifted in and out of consciousness.
I now look like this:
I have another shift tonight starting at 4 p.m. which will probably end up being somewhere in the region of 10 hrs.

Now, the question is this:
Happy landing or crash and burn?


Ivy Arch said...

Quite concerned to read about your sight deterioration. Can't imagine the long night shifts are helping. Rest when you can and keep away from the computer etc.
Best wishes,
Mrs Arch
aka Worried of Worthing

Outa-Spaceman said...

Thanks for your concern Mrs. Arch.
After tonight I have two days off so rest will be the order of the day.

The 3 heavy old whacks of steroids were bound to have a consequence I just wasn't sure what that consequence was going to be.

I'm starting to get a clue now.

Stay tuned.