Friday, 23 November 2012

The Condition: 2 Weeks After 3 Heavy Whacks.

If it wasn't for concerned people asking me "how are you now?" I'd have probably forgotten the events of the last two months.
Today I feel very well, more very well than I've felt for years.
My eyesight has changed, but I'm waiting until I'm sure it's stablised before I consult an optician.
My feet aren't as 'fizzy' as they were last week the sensation is now more like a 'tingle'.

I can't get over the general feeling of wellbeing I have, it's very unusual.
I suppose any type of condition that creeps up slowly allows the body to adapt over time and so becomes virtually unnoticed until it reaches a severity requiring treatment.

Who can tell?

I rang the neurology dept. at St. Richard's hospital on Monday.
Yes, they have received my referral.
They will contact me in due course, which will probably be in about 14 - 16 weeks.
I was told my referral status but the only thing I can remember about it was it didn't seem to be very urgent which I took to be a good sign.

So, now what?

I've more or less made my own mind up, on the evidence of my experience and the information I've amassed during the research I've done, that I have Multiple Sclerosis and have had the condition for a period measured in years rather than months.
I think it's the milder end of the MS spectrum the recurring/relapsing type.
It will be very interesting to meet and discuss this with the neurologist.

Q) "How does that make you feel Mr. SpaceMan?"
A) "This is my condition, it belongs to me, I okay with that."

In conversation with other people about my condition I've fallen into the habit of spouting a 'pop' philosophy line:
"It's not the hand your dealt, it's how you play the hand your dealt".

That's true that is.

There's one thing I have to do now.
I have to get into my mental time-machine, go back a short time, and tell these guys everything will be alright:
Oh the wind and rain 02
Fuddled OSM
Uh Oh.


saradwyn3 said...

Pin a medal on each of them, and one for yourself too for being the very best kind of Brave Soldier - not for dying in War, but for Living in Peace. x

Outa-Spaceman said...

Thanks for that and all your support and encouragement during the past couple of months.

It really helped.