Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Series of Events Involving Ukuleles and Ladies Underwear.

Third Sunday in the month again so, Wukulele again.
It only seems like last week I was rambling on about the wonderful Wukulele jam.
Suffice to say it was as wonderful as ever.
I become embarrassingly over-ethusiastic at this event and say and do foolish things that draw attention to me.
I can't help it.
I am embarrassingly over-enthusiastic.
It's one of my endearing features.

Another feature of this event was the first trip out with my NEW TOY!:
New Resonator Uke
Yes, I always look this cool.
It's a Concert sized resonator uke and it's fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!
I've blogged about my financial hard-times but, after the last few weeks, my attitude to the whole situation has changed.

I managed to dig myself out of an impending hole by not actually digging the hole in the first place.
I sold everything that wasn't screwed down, I stopped smoking and if any kind of work was offered I said "YES!".
I'm not being self-righteous about this, I just did what was necessary to get myself out of a situation I shouldn't have let myself get into in the first place.

During the great (long overdue) musical instrument sell-off the one instrument I regretted having to sell was my resonator guitar.
I love the 'bark' that type of instrument has and I missed it.

I began watching resonator ukes on eBay and decided I'd have one just to pat myself on the back a little for being a brave soldier recently.
I have no regrets, this instrument is a thing of joy!
No doubt about it.

I let anyone at Wukulele who asked, or showed any interest in the instrument, have a 'go' with it which is another aspect of that 'embarrassingly over-ethusiastic' thing I have.

Linda and I are on the way home.
Linda sees the sign for the new ASDA (ASDA=WalMart in USA) store near Ferring and suggests, in the way that only women can, that it would be interesting to visit.
A short discussion ensued in which I made several spirited attempts to suggest we shouldn't visit the new ASDA.
The short discussion ended.

We joined the cue of cars trying to get into the ENORMOUS car-park.
Time passed and I eventually found somewhere to park.
I hate car-parks, car-parks are my natural enemy.
I am useless at car parking.

Welcome to ASDA:
The caption on this picture was generated randomly by hand-held technology.
You're bloody welcome to it mate!
Time was I enjoyed visiting supermarkets, I considered them 'democratic'.
Nowadays I just get confused and irritable in supermarkets and embarrassed at the pompous way I considered them to be 'democratic'.

Now, you remember who instigated this trip into mediocrity don't you?
Linda (for it is she) has now amassed enough evidence to come to a conclusion about this latest retail opportunity to spring unbidden from the bowels of boredom.
She doesn't like it.

Now somehow, and I really don't know how it happened, I managed to misplace Linda and found myself wandering around alone.
I found myself in a bad place:
Lost In ASDA
I think I'll leave me there.
Lost in a supermarket, surrounded by ladies underwear, and without a ukulele.
That'll teach me to sit and wait in the car in future.


Laurent said...

Fantastic, a resonator ukelele! I never knew they existed...

WalMart has the worst working conditions for their employees I understand, so nothing democratic about that...

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Needless to say that the same goes for Walmart out here. They keep it 'cheap, that way and by employing minimal staff numbers. I never go anymore, I just refuse. Mainly because once you get in it takes you all eternity to get the hell back out again!

As for lingerie depts..... A Chrissmasy Ted

The Booth said...

The shiny new toy was most welcome at Wukulele - as were your good selves.

Supermarkets are scary and to be avoided.

And move away from the brassieres. They wouldn't suit you.....

Outa-Spaceman said...

I'll keep the camisole on though, my vest is in the wash.

saradwyn3 said...

PS you know you can climb inside the garment racks in places like that and speak or sing or just say "WOOooooOOOO" and etcetera

saradwyn3 said...

PS you know you can climb inside the garment racks in places like that and speak or sing or just say "WOOooooOOOO" and etcetera