Monday, 19 November 2012

Hey! It's Bacon & Brie Sandwich Time Innit?

One of the many compensations of working as a Modern Cloak-Room Attendant to the landed gentry is the 'doggy' bags are pretty good.
After a charity ball on Saturday night all the cheese the guests were to unsophisticated (or drunk) to eat was wrapped up and given to the staff.

I really like brie (I also really like the blue cheese I brought home but can't remember what it's name is).
I really like brie with bacon in a sandwich.

Take bacon, I prefer smoked back, put it under the grill until it's pink and crinkly:
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 01
Take brie,  I prefer the free variety:
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 02
When the bacon is cooked, make toast (I'm using rubbish bread because that's all I have to hand):
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 03
Put the cooked bacon on the toast:
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 04
Put the brie on the bacon:
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 05
Slam the door:
Bacon & Brie Sandwich 06


Le Sanglier said...

I swear, free food tastes better. We discuss this a lot at the store.

11 mortere