Sunday, 4 November 2012

D.I.Y. Dentistry.

A while ago I notice one of my wisdom teeth was becoming loose.
As the 'looseness' progressed it amused my tongue to rattle the tooth about.

I visited my dentist last week for my regular check-up and, on noticing the tooth was loose, he offered to remove it.
I asked what would happen if I just left it alone.
He assured me that it would fall out of it own accord.
This seemed to me to be the more desirable path as it wouldn't incur any cost to me and I wouldn't have to undergo the 'numbing' up process.

Yesterday the wobbly tooth began to annoy me and my tongue just wouldn't leave it alone.
So I reached in and pulled it out:
If only all my current health problems were so easily solved.


saradwyn3 said...

Did you put it under your pillow?
Do you now have a charming lisp?
Did it come out all gruesome and clotted with gore, like in the scene in the movie Castaway,where Tom Hanks knocks his own tooth out with an ice skate?

My Dad had a wisdom(?) tooth removed, may have just been a molar*,but he incorporated it into a large wand/staff/jingle stick he made from a tree limb that fell in his yard, and presented it to me as a gift. Now I want to post pictures of it.

*had only one root, may be due to metric system or require use of voltage adaptor or equivalent

Le Sanglier said...

You emptied the wisdom out of it, right? Into a little glass vial? For later consumption in time of need? DO NOT... I REPEAT DO NOT... give it to the tooth fairy with the wisdom intact!! Becuase if the tooth fairy becomes wiser than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny finds out? OMG, the whole balance of the Christmas/Easter power alignment could be negatively impacted and we might all be giving each other tutus in December and dancing around a dentifrice pole in the spring.

Glyn said...


Glyn said...