Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wukulele Xmas Jamboree! (Updated)

I realised that this posting may seem somewhat 'bleak' and in no way represent the wonderful party atmosphere at Wukulele.
If it wasn't for gatherings like Wukulele, Luke, and Uke at the Duke my life would have been unbearable over the last few weeks.
For a more balanced report, and colour pictures, visit Ivy Arch's blog here: Wukulele Christmas.

To Worthing:
Worthing Pier 01
With Linda:
Linda 01
To the jam:
Wukulele @ Xmas 12

Get down.


Ivy Arch said...

Fret not, your original post didn't come across as bleak - the photographs are beautiful - just as a real-time post which I'm sure is what it was. Thanks for the link and for your excellent presence at Wukulele yesterday. Here's to many more uke jams in 2013!
Ms Arch