Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tea-Stained Box Files.

I have no idea how I've managed to accumulate 9 wooden box files.
I think I may have bought them in Ikea.
I'm usually pretty good at not buying things in Ikea until I get to the market-place bit then it's "Oh look, several items for less than £5!"
By the time that's happened a few times I end up having spent more than I can sensibly afford on superficially useful crap I don't really need.

Which is how I probably ended up with 9 wooden box files.
I suppose they may have more cachet now that the secrets out about Ikea "inadvertently" allowing East German political prisoners to manufacture their exciting modern life-style products.

I have already had a go at decorating two of these redundant box files with varying degrees of success (one 'worked' the other didn't) so I thought it was about time I finished the job.
Nothing elaborate, just a tea-stain and a bit of stencilling perhaps.

This is what they look like before and after treatment:
Tea Staining Box Files
That's after two coats of tea stain and two coats of wire wool/vinegar stain.

I'm not sure what to stencil on them but here's what it may end up looking like:

This of course is all very well, but a problem remains.
What on earth am I going to put in them when the job's done?

The winter evenings will just fly by.