Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Midwinter 'Sienna' Design (I feel an obsessive collecting phase coming on).

I was in my current favourite charity shop The Cat & Rabbit Rescue:
Cat & Rabbit Rescue Charity Shop
I wonder if they'd get more customers if it was called The Kitty & Bunny Rescue?
There didn't seem to be much of interest in the store, I turned to leave and, under a shelving unit, spotted these:
Midwinter Sienna Bowls
Oranges may not be the only fruit, but they're the only ones available for photographic purposes today.
That's Midwinter 'Sienna' design that is.
Designed by Jessie Tait.
These tureens are minus their lids but will still make great bowls.
One of them has a small chip and so was marked at 50p rather than the £1 I paid for the unmarked one.

The first thing I did on returning home was to find out how much these bowls go for on eBay, or ebay as it now seems to be called.
The answer is a surprising amount, even more if they had the lids.
Then I caught myself thinking "I wonder how much the whole service would cost bought piece by piece over a period of time?"
This is dangerous thinking as it leads to obsessive collecting disorder and, eventually, poverty.
Of course the contemporary way of completing the set would be to mix and match all the various Midwinter designs for that eclectic shabby chic feel which in my youth was known as being to poor to afford matching crockery.
Still, at this stage in my life, I feel it would be quite nice to have a matching dinner service of some kind.

I also bought a Gaydon Melmex butter dish:
Butter Dish
Yes, there was butter in the space-age.