Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Be Gone Dull Care!

Begone, dull care!
I prithee, begone from me
Begone dull care!
You and I shall never agree
Long time hast thou been tarrying here
And fain thou wouldst me kill
But in faith, dull care
Thou never shall have thy will

Too much care
Will make a man turn grey
And too much care
Will turn an old man to clay
My wife shall dance and I shall sing
So merrily pass the day
For I hold it one of the wisest things
To drive dull care away.

Hence, dull care,
I'll non of thy company;
Hence, dull care,
Thou art no pair for me.
We'll hunt the wild boar through the wold,
So merrily pass the day;
And then at night, o'er a cheerful bowl
We'll drive dull care away.


Le Sanglier said...

This is beautiful. I especially like the part about the wild boar. I never heard it before so I searched for it on youtube. I didn't find anything stellar. You should perform a Uke version for me! Because I am wild. And boar-like. And enjoy eating sweet potatoes.

Evershed Arts Billingshurst said...

Enjoyed the GJ's gig folks - see you at CITY FC FRiday.

All good wishes,
Stuart and Jan