Sunday, 19 June 2011

So Long To Wild Man Fischer.

I first heard Larry 'Wild Man' Fischer on Alexis Corner's Blues programme on
BBC Radio 1.
He blew me away, still does.


Le Sanglier said...

I know this Wild Man Fisher. A dim light is flickering in my memory. He did a song that went, "Come on let's merry go, merry go, merry go round. Doo doo doo, it's very easy just go up and down." Something like that, right? Is that him?

Le Sanglier said...

YES!! Wild Man Fisher. I have not thought about this for almost 35 years. I am momentarily stunned.

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

If you ever need to clear a room after a party put WMF and start dancing.
You will clear the majority of the unwanted guests but may still be left with a few 'strange' people who don't mind tidying up.