Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Jar of Fat.

Rather than pour the fat (that leaks out of the food I eat) down the drain I've decided to collect it in jars.
Beautiful innit?


Oldfool said...

Yeah, and it's a lubricant. You can cook with it. Makes great Yorkshire Pudding. It burns. A lamp burning bacon fat makes you hungry.
Do not waste animal fat.

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

So, that's what liposuction looks like!

Orlando said...

I've thought of something you can use it for when you get tired of looking at it - make soap out of it.
The chemical process is called saponification and involves the reaction of a fat with a strong alkali. I have detailed instructions on how to do it with olive oil and caustic soda but it should work with any fat. (I'm assuming you can still buy tins of caustic soda powder for cleaning drains and de-coking 2-stroke engine exhaust systems).
I can scan and email the the info if you want to have a go.
Hmm, bacon scented soap - you'll smell good enough to eat!

Orlando said...

I have the printed booklet to accompany the BBC/OU's programme 'Rough Science' series 1, but I've now found the article online.


Orlando said...

I don't think it says in the article but to make sure that there is no unreacted caustic alkali in the finished soap, it can be tested with litmus or pH indicator paper.

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

Cheers Orlando,
(you have been conspicuous by your absence of late)

I dimly remember making soap in a science class during my school days.
And what modern home could be complete without a tub of caustic soda?

Orlando said...

Apologies for absence - life has been rather complicated of late but I have been keeping an eye on Wartime Housewife and The Inexplicable World... to make sure you weren't getting into any mischief (well, any more mischief than usual!)