Thursday, 21 June 2012

To Brighton (Linda's Birthday/Solstice Hoo Ha).

First a quick update on the Beached Buoy situation:
There it was, gone.
Midsummer's day and the rain is pleasantly warm for the time of year.
Time was I would have taken myself off to Avebury to watch the season turn but I've developed late on-set allergy to (bloody) Druids and besides, it's Linda's birthday.

We were planning a trip to London but ended up going to Brighton instead.
It's not that I don't like Brighton you understand
no, that's not true.
Damn it! I'm to old to care anymore, I don't like Brighton.
There, I said it.

Linda does like Brighton.
I trailed along in her wake, making astonished noises at the prices of the tat in the North Lanes shops.
Linda tried on a frock:
I thought she looked nice in it but she wasn't convinced.
Linda decided we should have a Gourmet Burger:
To be fair, it was jolly tasty burger.

I've been carting a cassette tape about in my bag for round about a year now with the intention of 'dropping' it somewhere.
Brighton seemed like a good place to drop it.
Can you spot it?:
It began to rain heavily so we ducked into a vast shop selling examples of useless junk from the last 150 years.
I did however manage to take my favourite image of the day in there:
I mentioned in a previous post that the car park was my natural enemy.
Just over 4 hours of parking in Brighton cost £25.