Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lost In Translation.

User's Manual

1. Power switch in ON/OFF(ENTER). the crust of battery's seat is anode.
2. Badge can store 6 message (1 can store 512 characters. 2-6 can store 256 characters). there is only can display any one every time.
3. The power supply for product is CR2032. please change battery when the brightness isn't enough or can display.

KEY-press information:
In the natural display, when you press the P-U key, it shows you start to operate the badge and coming into the first grade menu, the key-press control procedure:
adjust "P-U" or "P-D" to select: the switch display info (SWITCH). the input text (INPUT), move-left speed (SPEED), brightness control (LUM).
Then press Enter key coming into second grade menu:
A. SWITCH: Choice menu (Total 6 page), choose the display information.
(1) Enter choice menu, press "ENTER" when display SWITCH.
(2) The right of display show 1-6, press "ENTER" when you select, the display will exit the operation and begin to show the information you inputted.
B. INPUT: Input the content of the text (input the text newly).
(1) Enter choice menu, press "ENTER" when the display show "INPUT" by "P-U" or "P-D".
(2) The right show the character, input character by "P-U" or "P-D", press "ENTER" after finish.
(3) If you need input continuous character, press "ENTER" once a character confirmed, (press P-U all along, the character will roll until you loosen the key-press).
(4) If you need add a space, please press "ENTER" again.
(5) If you need delete a character, press "ENTER" for 3 seconds, the character is deleted when the display resumed to still state.
(6) Press "P-D" for 3 seconds or wait for 10 seconds, the display will exit operation and show the message.
C. SPEED: Adjust the move speed (the number is larger, the speed is faster).
(1) Enter choice menu, show SPEED by P-U or P-D (1-9) the press "ENTER".
(2) The number on the right is for the speed, adjust the number P-U of P-D, press "ENTER" to confirm.
D.LUM: Adjust the luminance (The number is larger, the luminance is higher)
(1) Enter choice menu, adjust menu by "P-D" or "P-U" when it show LUM, press "ENTER".
(2) The number on the right show the brightness grade, adjust the number between 1-9 by "P-U" or "P-D" ,press "ENTER" after finish adjusting.

Got that?