Monday, 11 April 2011

O.S.M. Ind. Cake Stand.

Recently I've noticed the popularity of mis-matched crockery in homes depicted by 'style' magazines.
(I blame the likes of T.V.P. Kirstie Allsopp
Boy! these people would have loved my Granny's cottage but in those days it was called poverty not chic.

So, do you want to pay £40+ for a cake stand that would mark you out as a mug style guru?
Thought not.

Hit the charity/bric-a-brac shops or car-booty and get yourself 3 plates (big, middle piggy & small) .
I never pay more than £1 per plate.
Hit eBay and get a cake stand kit
I bought two and paid around £7.
Next you'll need a drill-bit capable of putting a hole through ceramic/glass.
I got mine at the local crafts shop it cost me £4.99.

I could describe an elaborate method of finding the centre of the plate but I won't because it's quicker to use the rack of your eye, the skew of your gob and keep your fingers crossed that your about to drill the hole in the middle of the back of the plate.
Drilling the hole will take a long time and you will need to cool the drill bit.
I just poured some water into the dip formed by the rim under the plate.

Drill, drill, drill, screw, twist, tighten and:
Ta darrrr!
Hmmm, there's something missing...


Wartime Housewife said...

That's beautiful. I saw one of these in a cake shop recently and had a heated discussion with my companion about whether it was shop bought or hand made. Either way, I wanted one very badly indeed and now I can make one for myself. You have inspired and informed me. Fantastic!