Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Back Room Pt: 04

At possible risk to my well-being I have returned to the task of decorating the back room.
In my last post I promised a danger-filled episode involving electricity or, at least, the fitting of a mains spur to add some more power sockets.
There has been a change of plan.
Linda and I had a serious discussion about what the purpose of the back room should be.
We have decided that it's going to be a 'utility' room which we need because space in our flat is scarce commodity.

The skirting wood-work has been painted a very shiny black:
I'm convinced the paint I used was responsible for my migraine attack.

The walls are Buttermilk which is no where as yellow as it appears in this picture:
The walls were a dark blue which took quite a bit of covering and even after two heavy coats of white emulsion and one of the Butter Milk I'm still sure I can see patches of blue.

The floor boards are getting a coat of Tile Red floor paint which I hope won't trigger my next migraine:
The over-all effect is one of 'provincial railway station waiting room' which I quite like and I expect to wake tomorrow to find Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard loitering about in there.

The next stage will be fittings and furniture.

(Believe me, it really isn't that yellow.)