Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Back Room Pt: 05

Carpet cleaning is the first order of today.
Which means a hands-&-knees micro-vacuuming before applying the cleaning foam.
Two hours for the foam to do it's job then another vacuuming to find it actually doesn't look much different to when I started.

The next task involves the Airer Maid Restoration project I started in 2009.
After rooting about in the attic for around half-an-hour I'm confident I know exactly where the joist is that I'm going to screw the pulleys into.
Back in the room, stood on a wobbly box with an electric drill in my hand, I miss the joist by about 2 inches.
Some polyfilla and swearing later I have the pulleys in place and am vacuuming the polyfilla dust from the clean carpet:
The rope goes over the 'back' (nearest the wall) pulley of the double then on to the single pulley and down to the airer where it's tied off:
The other end of the rope threads over the 'front' pulley and is tied off at the other end of the airer and the whole assembly is test lifted:
It works, it works!
Go me!

I spend the next quarter-of-an-hour raising and lowering the airer before I notice it fouls the open door.
The next half-an-hour is spent repositioning the airer so the door will open, polyfillering holes, vacuuming the carpet again and swearing.

BTW the buttermilk paint looks the right colour in the pictures above.


Oldfool said...

Isn't home improvement fun? You get the satisfaction of knowing you can fix things that you screw up and when you reach expert status you only have to do the job three times.
That is why some craftsmen are coming today to survey the bathroom for repairs. Without my front teeth I cannot properly swear so I am just not up to the job.

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

Oh yes!
And the great thing is I've been able to put the washing (that I was instructed to hang out to dry but forgot to take out of the washing machine) and hang it over the airer and Linda still hasn't noticed.

I've also found out that if I stick my head up between the washing it makes a great vocal booth.

Life is sweet.

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

DIY: Don't Injure Yourself

Isnt the Airer great though? Reminded me that we used to have one when I lived in Low Moor as a kid.

Very handy for dangling your Action Man from.