Saturday, 17 August 2013

Raleigh Chiltern Resto: The Story of Barry the Bikes' New (ish) Front Carrier.

For reasons I don't want to go into involving downstairs-elderly neighbour Madge, her son Gary, rising damp, and men with very loud pneumatic hammers, we have a skip outside on the drive.
It's filled with Madge's kitchen and all the plaster from the kitchen.

I was riding Barry the Bike around the other day.
My bag was strapped onto the rear rack with bungee cords, which crushed everything in the bag.
I'd really like a front rack or basket type thing, they're much handier an' no mistake'

Truth is, although desirable, front racks are expensive for what they are so I won't be buying one anytime soon.

The following day I left the flat and, on walking past the skip, noticed someone had throw not one, but two wire-framed front mounting bicycle baskets in it.
What are the chances of that happening I wonder?

Quite high I suspect.

Anyway, the one of the two that was worth saving did once have a removable wire basket, but it had been strapped into place on the frame using cable ties.
This is not a problem.
I used more cable ties to stabilise the whole construction and then use the same method to attach the frame to the handlebars.
All this results in Barry the Bike now sporting a very versatile front mounted carrying structure.

The test ride was a quick trip to Tesco to buy a USB lead:

This machine is the best utility cycle I've owned.

I'd like to have a go at restoring a Raleigh 20.

I now have to go check what I've come to refer to as "The Magic Skip".


Le Sanglier said...

I remember having that sort of basket on my bike when I was a kid. I always liked the front mounted basket very well. I wanted to tell you that it was I who put those baskets in the skip for you. But it would be a lie. So I guess I won't. It was a silly thought. It has sort of a nice feel to it, don't you think? "I put those baskets in the skip for you becuase I knew you wanted one. I put 2 in becuase you will need one for your restored Raleigh 20 as well."