Saturday, 17 August 2013

OSM Ind: R and D Unit: Foot Operated Finger Cymbal Tinger. Proof of Concept Model.

I'm sure that, like me, many millions of people consider their lives poor and wretched things for the want of ability to ting finger cymbals whist their hands are occupied playing a musical instrument.

It's a curse I tell you.

This device sprang into my head the other night so I built this proof of concept model to demonstrate that the idea works.
Side View
From the rear
I had to use cable ties for the links as I don't have enough appropriate Mecanno:
Colour Coded for Operators' Safety
"Does it work then?":

( N.B. It does if I embed the YouTube version of the film rather than Blogger upload.)

Not as well as it might, but this is proof of concept for me.

I wonder how long this will take me to satisfactory conclusion?


Le Sanglier said...

Your device reminds me of the little monkey toys that played finger cymbals. Have you seen those? You can google "finger symbol monkey toy" to see one. Really. I am not kidding. You don't even have to actually spell it "cymbal". This is evidence that google is alarmingly God-like, becuase as you might recall, God doesn't give a shit about spelling either. This is the sort of thing that terrifies Evidence-Of-Things-That-Might-Replace-God observers.