Friday, 2 August 2013

Seaside Song & Dance Gynaecologist.

I let my childhood secret ambition out of the dusty room it's been in for about 51 years now here:

Hardcore Uker.

Well, why not?

I have the requisite musical abilities i.e. being able to sing a song and play the uke at the same time with occasional hilarious excursions into kazoo world.
The dancing's a bit of a poser and no mistake.

Like most foolishly drunken (or drugged) young men, I've bust the odd move or two out on the floor.
Used to enjoy it as well.
I think the style of dancing a song & dance man might require may be somewhat different to the extravagant 'free-style' flayling-about I used to call dancing.
Tap-dancing, now there's a worthwhile skill to attempt to acquire.
Lessons are a shocking price though.

Of no lesser concern is my wardrobe.
In the childhood vision I wore a stripy blazer and a straw boater.
These kind of items bring premium prices in retro boutiques and I'm not in that market.
I considered what item I could get that might signal my ability to provide a song & (potential) dance for the entertainment of those who are bored.

I have it!
It cost me £2:50 on eBay:
My God! I look like a gynaecologist.
Bow ties are a bit weird though, aren't they?

When I do decide what to do about the dancing aspect at least I know I've got the legs for it:
My God! I still look like a gynaecologist.