Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Skylark Ukulele.

I have an eBay watch out for 'vintage' ukuleles.
I'm just interested to see what gets sold and for how much in that category.

It doesn't help that there's actually a uke manufacturer called 'Vintage'.

Back in the dim dark past, probably about fifty years ago now, I had a ukulele.
I played it incessantly till, at about eight years old, I came home form school to find the neck had been snapped off it.

My eBay search alerted me to a ukulele that, in my mind's eye, looks vaguely similar to the one I'm playing in my memory.
It has a blue label in the sound hole proclaiming it's manufacture in the Peoples Republic of China and comes with its original (tatty) box.
I expected this uke to sell for somewhere in the region of £80-£90 so felt safe putting a 'flutter' bid in at
£30 via a sniper.

I forgot about it until I received the email telling me I'd won the auction:
Skylark ukulele
Of course it's only now that it occurs to me to do a bit of background research into the Skylark brand.

Before I can say anything about this uke I have to fit a set of Aquila strings.


Le Sanglier said...

What a beautiful photo! It makes me yearn to live among the stars and to hear the music of the spheres, perhaps played on a vintage uke by an outa spaceman who has sniped on ebay and lived to tell the tale.

nicndoom 403, my friend.

saradwyn3 said...

Happy congratulations on your new uke!
Not to dredge up past unpleasantnesses, but if by chance the individual who snapped the neck of your old uke should ever need to be relieved of the use of their kneecaps, I'd be happy to oblige.

Outa-Spaceman said...

Thankyou for your kind offer sara.
If my suspicions are correct though the culprit shuffled off his mortal coil about 9 years ago.