Thursday, 14 February 2013

BeHeld at the FUSE Festival.

BeHeld were invited to take part in the FUSE Weekend.
The FUSE Weekend was a Meeting of Unitarians from across the South East.
They all seem jolly nice people.

Beheld were involved in this workshop:
Acoustic Spirit
Led by
Stuart Coupe

The session will involve listening to and commenting on the recorded music and video performance of a number of contemporary, acoustic based singer songwriters whose music reflects Unitarian spirit and values. It may be of interest to those who enjoy thoughtful, acoustic guitar-based music and who may want to further explore work of the artists for use in personal or collective worship. I will sing a few songs myself and if anybody else would like to perform songs they have written themselves, they are welcome to get in touch beforehand to arrange this.

Anyway, we played our little hearts out for the amazingly full room.
This has to rank as the most civilised gig I've ever done and I could get used to it.

The lovely Unitarians chose to use a recording of a couple of songs from the session as a soundtrack to their video of the weekend.
There's even a couple of bits of film of BeHeld playing:

I was relived to find out Unitarians don't actually wear unitards.