Friday, 1 February 2013

Be Gone Dull Music Stand ! (meanwhile, back in the OSM Ind lab).

I'll have you know I'm taking this dull music stand thing very seriously.

I think everyone can agree my last invigorated music stand was a complete triumph.

I've got a new one.

It involves a cardboard box:
New Music Stand Raw Material
Once upon a time I bought an old Tannoy speaker cabinet from eBay.
I used the front to create a cardboard stencil:
New Music Stand with Stencil
I sprayed it over with matt black stove paint:
New Music Stand Spray Paint Applied
I then had a cardboard box that looked like this:
New Music Stand c/w Stencilled Graphic
I bought some light blue paint and some beige paint in tester pots, picked up my brush, put my tongue out of the side of my mouth, and:
Stage one complete.

It now needs some kind of plinth.