Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Parp-o-Phone (OSM Ind. Product Ref: 0020)

Another Hooting Yard inspired construction which is essentially an iPod shuffle.
I can't remember which story the Parp-o-Phone originally turned up in but I do remember it sparked my imagination and was 'dream-constructed' very quickly.

The intention was to auction the piece to raise funds for 'Distressed Out-of-Print Pamphleteers' but a couple of hurdles stand in the way.

01) I intended filling the pod with individual stories culled from the huge Hooting Yard pod-cast archive which entails mammoth editing sessions.
I've had a valiant stab at it but 4 gig of memory space takes a lot of filling.

02) I don't believe my work would attract the astonishingly large amount of money I think it's worth. (Unless I was dead of course).
The Parp-o-Phone (OSM Ind. Prod Ref: 0020)
Cranium Detail
Dr. Gillesie's Vital Nerve Tonic
Thanks should be heaped in abundance on the head of Mr. S Fadhley for donating the iPod Shuffle (which I believe he won in a raffle) the Parp-o-Phone is based on.