Monday, 14 May 2012

How Things Develop: Off Course.

In my posting 'A Day In The Life' some while back I added the first demo version of a new song I'd started working on called 'Off Course'.
Over the ensuing weeks BeHeld have kicked it about and the song has developed into this 'Off Course-Demo'.
It features Mystic Roger's first attempt at adding a harmonica part and what will probably be the final over-all arrangement.
All that's missing is Calamity Jane's harmony vocal.

From a song that I nearly abandoned to one that's going to be included on BeHeld's next E.P. can't be bad.

Now it's got to be 'played out' and will probably receive it's public debut at a folk club in Billingshurst on the 2nd of June.


Colin said...

Hey, that works really well.
Yes, bring in Jane with a powerful vocal harmony and I'll buy the EP.