Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Brain In A Jar (OSM Ind. Product Ref: 0013)

I suppose if I was so far up myself as to suggest I have a signature piece then this is probably it:
Brain In A Jar (OSM Prod Ref: 0013)
It was surprising how many emails I received, and still receive, about this construction.
A good proportion of them expressing dismay that I hadn't actually put a 'real' brain in it.
In the past I've suggested the correspondent might like to donate their own brain but, on refection, it's unlikely they have one, in any real sense.

The brain was chosen for it's florescent properties as, hidden within the body of the piece, I fitted a UV bulb that lights it up and makes it glow.
The Brain
The bubbling air supply
The end bit
It makes a great after dinner conversational piece especially if I become tired of my guests and want them to leave in a hurry.