Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Wall-Hangings They Are a-Changin'

This framed poster has hung on the wall of our flat for some years now.
(I had a quick look to see if I could establish exactly when I bought it to no avail.)
It came from Barter Books , the people responsible for 're-discovering' it.

Time has moved on, things have changed.

KC&CO now seems to be everywhere and has spawned a whole industry.
I was walking through the crappy street market in Bognor Regis today and noticed that I could buy posters, t-shirts, badges, hats, mugs, metal signs, mouse-mats, flags, tea-towels, door-mats and cigarette lighters all carrying it's simple yet effective message (and all the rubbish variants that have cropped up).

So I've taken it down and am currently looking for something to fill the space left behind.
Linda wants me to hang 'Fetch' in it's place but sadly she can't afford the ludicrous price tag I've put on it.
Mind you, Linda's second choice is Klimt's 'The Kiss' so I may yet be persuaded to offer her a very heavy discount.


Anonymous said...

Keep Clams and Carrion.

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

Print it on a t-shirt JJ and you'll make your fortune.