Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Musique Concrète The Outa_Spaceman Way: 102

Having listened to the first construction made from the Dyson Samples and, on examining the wave-form noticing there are 18 distinct sections, I chopped it up, loaded the results into the sample re-player in Reason and began to play about triggering them from a keyboard.

The samples still sounded to much like the original source for my taste so I set up this next system in the hope of further 'divorcing' them from their reality.
Feeding a vocoder, the samples are used to modulate a synthesised white noise/square wave carrier patch.
The results can be heard here:
I'm happy with that and the piece now joins the BigMetalTower collection as "The Mould Room of the BigMetalTower.

How do I know it's finished?
When I listen to the piece I can see the 'machines' in my mind's eye.
The trick now is to drag my box of Meccano out, build what I'm seeing and then film it.

This may take some time.


Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Oh, that is so much better!
I heard a very similar sound from the gas-works in an obscure northern town every day, many years ago, (pre-Dyson,)on my way to school.
I loved it then.
I love it now!
Thanks for evoking an abiding memory.
(My own Dyson fell apart last year!)