Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another Song: This Small Stone.

This is one of those songs that came into my head, more or less, fully written.
I wanted to say something about causality and how there can be no action without consequence.

There are one or two 'clunks' to write out of it but it works as it is for the moment.
I'll post an audio link when I finally get a recorded version I'm happy with (which may take some years).

This small stone
Chipped from the rock of ages
Worn smooth
In a torrent that still rages
It's sharp corners
Washed into the stream.

This small stone
Skimmed across the surface
Touching lightly
Then sinks to find it's own place
Among the others
In the depths below

But the ripples that it caused
Within that fleeting moment
Pushed the edges away
And started the waves
That made the rushes sway

This small stone
Abandoned and forsaken
Of no matter or importance
It's measure never taken
A footnote in
The greater scheme of things

These few scribbled words
Hidden in long forgotten pages
A record of a time
Of dignity exchanged for wages
Spent on things
That sank away in time


Orlando said...

The picture reminded me of a Far Side cartoon (I think it was), with the caption...

"To pass the time during the long winter evenings, everyone pointed to their favourite part of the wall"

...or some such.


Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

How do you do it?
How often have I had similar thoughts before dismissing them as mere trivialities?
You allow such thoughts to mature into profound philosophical statements.
Suddenly – there’s a GREAT song!