Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Snowball USB Microphone from Blue.

I received an unintended early birthday present to myself today.

If the Post Office had stuck with Amazon's suggested delivery schedule I'd have been opening it on the day of the 56th anniversary of my birth.

I'm not complaining.

My current 'serious' microphone is an SE Electronics Z3300 A (it says so on the side). It has a whopping great big diaphragm, it records well, it's an agonizing phaff to set up, it picks up EVERYTHING, and won't connect satisfactorily (i.e. digitally) with my iPad.

It's not really that portable either. Y'just couldn't whip it out, plug it in and play..... For at least the 45 minutes it would take to set up anyway.

The Snowball USB Microphone is, thankfully, a very different animal.

It comes with it's own tripod! I plug it into my iPad, open the app I want use, and use it.

I did quite a lot of research, read reviews even.... The Snowball gets a continual enthusiastic 'thumbs-up'. Initial findings lead me to believe I've actually backed a winner.