Wednesday, 1 January 2014

On A Plate 2013: Findings.

I have, at various periods of my life, vainly attempted to keep some kind of handle on what was going on by scribbling the innermost mediocrity of my passing days in diaries.
Those I've dipped into rarely shed any light on what I was doing (apart from whining in a diary) at the time and make for tedious reading.
When ever I encounter one of these tomes nowadays I tend to burn it with fire rather than mine the sulphurous pit of whatever's in there.

A few years ago I found an old cycling log book that survived the mid-life storm intact.
Each page (or as many as I filled in) details, destination, distance, average speed, weather conditions, and space for any ride notes.
Flicking through the details I found myself right back there, not just on the ride, but in the time.

I've also manged to keep a death-like grip on several scrap-books/cash accounts/work records/running diaries that all do the same thing.

So, genius, what you're saying is the objective detail is more evocative of the past than the subjective?

Errr, yes.

On A Plate was an attempt to create a daily record of 2013.
At first glance it seems to 'work', but the collection probably needs about 5 years to settle.

I now have to iron a shirt for my return to work tomorrow.